Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two Turtle Doves

A huge thank you to everyone of you for
all the encouraging words on my Christmas
sampler design. I really appreciate them
all and motivated me to create more designs.

I finished it up my second Christmas design
"Two Turtle Doves" last week but couldn't
get a decent picture of it to post
due to my busy designing career.

Here is my second design for
The Twelve Days of Christmas Series:

The second day of Christmas

My true love sent to me

Two turtle doves, and

A partridge in a pear tree.

I loved every minute of stitching on this piece.
It's such a special design and it was very nice to stitch on.
This piece is stitched one thread over two on
35-count Tea linen with DMC flosses.

When I'm not in the mood to stitch, I crocheting!
No crocheting for more than 4 years until
I brought these two magazines.

Love these Japanese crochet magazines because
everything is illustrated and in chart form, it's so
easy to learn even though I can't read Japanese.

This is the first project I've chose from
the magazine. Isn't beautiful?

And I'm in the progress of making
a pink shawl for my daughters.

Not much happening here other than stitching and
crocheting; So I thought I'd post some pictures of
some new stash I got on the past week.

First up, I finally got my hands on a
copy of JCS Christmas Ornaments Issue 2010.
It contains lots of beautiful
ornaments that I just can't wait
to start stitching.

Then sampler pattern from Birds of
a Feather and Homespun Elegance.

And lots of flosses.

Thanks so much for taking the time
to stop by and comment on my blog.


Annie said...

The Turtle Doves are just delightful!

Very pretty piece you are crocheting. I've only recently mastered the diagrams, but they do make it easier to work with international designers. Japanese designers do come up with most beautiful patterns!

Wendy said...

cling........... took me until now to get it, pear tree, turtle doves, got it now ! lol !

can´t help you with reading Japanese, it´s really all chinese to me.
sorry, that is probably a bad joke, but us silly western people really couln´t tell the difference between Japanese and Chinese writing , sorry !
I have notices that crochet is coming back into fashion, but I can´t do that either.....

Theresa said...

Another wonderful design!!! It is simply gorgeous!!
Those Japanese magaizine are really hard to resist. I couldn't read them either but every time I saw one I had to pick them up and look through them!!!
Hope to see more of your creations soon!!!

Annette said...

What a beautifull pieces you design again, Love the colors that you used.
What a beautifull pieces for the crochet.. and love the piece your making at the moment..
Beautifull stash... good luck and have fun stitching it

countrycosy said...

Your stitching creations are absolutely gorgeous Vinniey !
As for the crochet, I can't wait to see it finished. Wishing you a lot of fun.

Barb said...

Two turtle doves is so pretty. Love the colors. The shaw is beautiful! This is first I've been to your blog but I will come back.

Lisa V said...

Your new design is soo pretty, keep it up, you are soo talented.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow! What awesome Christmas designs!

An itch to cross stitch.. said...

Lovely stitching, I love the colours in two turtle doves, so lovely.

Looks like you are going to have fun with your JCS ornament magazine, I bought last years one and it was really fun.

Siobhan said...

Your Christmas designs are soooo pretty, Vinniey! I love your crocheting, too. Such intricate work. Great new stash haul!

yskmtmr said...

Your new design is so beautiful, Vinniey! And your crocheting work in progress is so lovely!

May said...

Love the Japanese crochet magazines. Hard to find them nowadays. May I know where I can get the same one like yours?

Thanks and regards,

Patty C. said...

Beautiful designs :)

Blu said...

Turtledoves looks awesome. Keep up the excellent designing!
The colour of the shawl is so pretty!

Carol said...

Your turtledoves design is so lovely, Vinniey! I have no idea what a turtledove looks like, but yours look so soft and peaceful--just like I imagined they would look!! You have such a wonderful eye for your color choices, too.

I'll bet your daughter will look so pretty all wrapped up in that pink shawl you're making her--can't wait to see it all finished up :)

Carolyn NC said...

Love the turtledoves - beautiful!

Farm Girl said...

Beautiful turtledoves Vinniey, you are so talented at designing and stitching. Love all your new stash too!

Tatkis said...

Your dove design is so sweet, and the pink shawl would be absolutely nice, I'm sure!
I've got one Japanese crochet magazine and am very happy about it!

Best wishes,

Karan said...

I love the new design Vinniey, it's beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your crochet finish too - very pretty colour. VERY nice new stash too - enjoy. :0)

Mylene said...

Your new design is simply beautiful. Great job! Your crochet finish looks lovely and would be perfect here as it is really getting cold now! Dark and rainy here today!!!

Stitching@HLR said...

Hi Vinniey,

Wow, I love your designs!!!! Colourful, fun, ... Great job!


Elaine said...

Your new design is beautiful, can;t wait to see the next one.
Pretty crocheting and lovely new stash. Happy Stitches!

natalie said...

What a fun post full of lovely things! The turtle doves are very pretty, and the pink shawl is gorgeous! Your daughters will love it. :) And so many new fibers- heaven!

Xangles said...

Hi, Vinniey! Your designs are truly delighful - love them!

Pumpkin said...

You designed those yourself? WOW! They are just beautiful and no wonder you should be happy :o)

Lots of wonderful goodies there. Your work is so perfect!

Thank you for visiting my Blog :o)

Lula said...

Hello -thank you for stopping by my blog and therefore allowing me to find your blog... its lovely here! Everything is so pretty. Two turtle doves is beautiful and I look forward to seeing more of your stitching. Lucy

COUSON said...

I love your stitching!Couson

nima said...

ww..lovely cross stitching and crochet...i can't wait to see the finished shawl

Sarah in Stitches said...

I absolutely adore your "Two Turtle Doves" pattern. It's gorgeous! Great job. :D