Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cross Stitch Design

I love to draw when I was young,
since my elementary school years, I have always wanted to
become an artist or a graphic designer and this ambition of mine
has not changed. So I became an advertising and graphic designer
after graduated from an art and design college. I spent most of
my time designing leaflet, brochure, poster, packaging design,
logo design… below-the-line items for my clients for
more than 13 years. Last 2 years ago, I fell in love with
cross stitching, I began to think of the fun of stitching
when I was at work.

Now I love to draw on fabric more than drawing on paper,
and love to do coloring on fabric too! I start to
create cross stitch pattern using my imagination and
feel so fulfilled doing this. I love it!!

I've been busy creating and stitching up my design
all weeks and today, I can't wait and show you my work. :)

I've finished the lower part of the design (1/3 of the design)…
I LOVE love the "lollipop" trees. And now I'm working on the cottage.

I will put in some wordings on top of the cottage.
The cutest part of this design is the top part of the pattern
which I already got the pictured in my mind.
Hope I can finish stitching it and show to you soon.

I've made a bit more progress on my Angel of Hope
for the Christmas SAL.

I love the result stitched using DMC lights effect floss
but it's a nightmare to stitch! Pattern taken from
Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments Issue 2009.
I'm going to continue stitching it when time allows.

Thanks for popping in and as always I appreciate all your
kind comments. And also thanks for sharing all your
awesome works! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!