Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Am Back!

It has been a while since my last post so
I thought I better do an update to let you know
that I am still in blogland. Things have been
really hectic and I was overwhelmed with works
in these few months. Turn on the computer every
morning right after I wake up before I make
myself a cup of tea, checking client's emails,
finished up some works and received some
new works at the same time; But I never forget
my stitching, I design charts and stitch
whenever I have time; Beside this, I also
behind on blog reading, if I haven't left
comment on your blog recently, give me
some time and I'll comment on your post soon.

I do have some stitching works to show.
Want to see what I have done in these two
months? I finished up "Winter",
"Autumn" and "Summer"!

Here are all my latest designs:




I was very happy with all of them.
of course that means I start designing
something new. I have been working on
this for a number of days now,
on and off.

"Christmas Angel", isn't beautiful?
This angel looks so sweet and I love
her hair so much. Hopefully I can get
most of it done before the Christmas day.

The other things I would like to show
you is some framed works I picked up
from the framer.

I choose a simple white frame for
"Cupcake Cottage";

And a dark mahogany frame for "Spring".

There is nothing better than receiving a gift.
I won the great October "Spooktacular Halloween"
giveaway from Terri at Dixie Samplar Designs.
Lucky me!! I was the 3rd runner-up and
winner of the "100 comments".
Look what I've received from Terri!

She sent me beautiful charts,


beads and threads,

a gorgeous Halloween fabric, Halloween craft
accessory, postcards, a lovely calendar,
chocolate and candy (it's already in my tummy)
and an adorable little ornament that Terri made.
Thank Terri so much, You are so generous!
I love everything. Below is a close up of the
ornament. It is beautifully sewn and cute.

I will treasure it! Thanks to Terri again.

If you have not visit her blog,
please go have a visit. She have done
lots of beautiful stitching works and
she do chart designs also, her works are
awesome! Terri is hosting another wonderful
giveaway again, visit her and leave her a
comment on her "2010 Basket of Christmas
Cheer Giveaway" post and you'll have a chance
to own a basket full of Christmasy goodness.
So don't wait and click here to visit her now.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments
on the "Two Turtle Doves". Have fun stitching
and I hope you have something fun planned for
this coming Christmas day!