Monday, June 6, 2011

Missed You All

How time flies, I has just been working more
than usual and haven't really have time to
update my blog since two months ago.
I missed all of you and your beautiful blog.
My cleaning lady has gone back to her
homeland due to working permit was due.
I have to do all the housekeeping
jobs all by myself and have to get my
graphic design works done before I pick up
my daughters from kindergarten every weekdays.
I have contacted my cleaning lady last week
and happy to hear that she will be back to us
on September.

When time allowed, I do stop by some of
my favorite blog for quick reading but time not
allowed me to leave comment;
I feeling so bad. Please give me some time,
I will catch up and comment on your post soon.

About stitching work, I worked on my latest
design "Kitchen Prayer" 10 minutes per day.
Hope I could take some pictures to show
on my next post.

I wish everyone have a wonderful month. :)


nima said...

i really missed your blog times life akes the priority seat...can't wait to see your stitching

Carol said...

We miss you, too, Vinniey! Sounds like your life is very busy right now... Hope you can get your "Kitchen Prayer" finished up before too long... Enjoy your week :)

Wendy said...

I´ve missed you to, sorry I did not email you back !
I know how times flies, so no problem, I understand.
and you have a cleaning lady, you lucky lady, I only have myself to do all of the cleaning !

I know you don´t have that much time to blog, so you comments / emails are really appriciated.
hope to see your design really soon, I´m sure I
ll love it !

Theresa said...

We miss you and your lovely stitching~~ Can't wait to see more of it!!

Annette said...

I missed you to... you always have so beautifull stitching pieces..
You lucky girl you have a cleaning bad she is gone.. I had one for 2 days... but didn't like it, so do myself...but maybe would be easer..
Take you time, Hope to see your update soon!!

Parsley said...

We know life get busy sometimes.

unikat said...

I'm waiting back as soon as time will allow.

Carolyn NC said...

Sometimes you take a break - life is more important. :) But you're always missed. :)

Tatkis said...

I'm glad you've come back!
Can't wait to see your stitching progress! :)


Mylene said...

Looking forward to see your new design!

Patty C. said...

I'm in the same boat Vinniey
It seems work can take over -

Don't worry about commenting - Just enjoy your time as you are able - We all understand !!!

Siobhan said...

Thinking of you, Vinniey! You need to enjoy your life and your kids--your blog and blog buddies will be here whenever you can pop in. :)