Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Easter ~ Free Chart

I've created this free new chart just for you.

Happy Easter.

You can enlarge and copy this chart by clicking on the picture.
This is a copyrighted chart. In other words, do not republish my chart on another web page, blog or elsewhere; even for free. Instead, you may give others the URL for this page so that they may come to this site for themselves. I appreciate that very much.

I hope you will enjoy it. You can stitch it with any color you like. If you've done the finished, please feel free to email me a photo of your finished @ so I can see it and would like to show it here on my blog. Or you can drop me a line to tell me about your blog address and I will visit your blog to view your finished.

Thanks for visiting and as always thank you for your comment. Have a great week and happy stitching. :)


Annette said...

What a lovely chart .. thank you so much... can't waiyt to see your finished piece of it...

♥ Nia said...

Lovely =) Thank you for sharing!! :)

Annie said...

Such a cutie! Thanks for spoiling us!

Autumn said...

THANK YOU!! I hope I find some extra time to stitch this more than once. It's lovely!

Rachel D. said...

Thank you Vinniey for this lovely chart.
Happy Hugs.

Lesleyanne said...

Thank you for a lovely chart.

Debby said...

Love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine!

Greetings from Debby,

Diane (di) said...

Vinniey, thank you so much.
What a wonderful chart... I love it. :)

Carol said...

Such a cute Easter design, Vinniey!! Don't you love all the bright and happy colors this time of year!

Thank you for sharing your talent with us :)

Melanie said...

Super cute, Vinniey!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

Mylene said...

Such a cutie! Thanks so much for sharing.

Michelle said...

Such a cute design - thank you for sharing!

Tatkis said...

Wow, Vinniey, thank you so much - lovely Easter design!


Lynda Ruth said...

I love your charts and would love to buy some. Thanks for the Easter bunnies. Lynda

Nima Titus said...

wow...lovely chart, thank you for sharing

♥ Nia said...


Sweet Easter to you :)

Mylene said...

Happy Easter Vinniey!

I've finished your design last night, just in time. So cute and love it. Finish it into a flatfold, will make a better pic another time to post on my blog. Just upload a quick one from my Iphone.

Kay said...

Such a lovely char tto stitch. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Merci pour ces ravissantes grilles !
Bonne fêtes de Pâques !

Patty C. said...

Thank you -It's too cute !!!

1001 remedes naturels said...

It's really nice.
Thank you very much.
Happy Spring to you !

Karan said...

Beautiful work Vinniey & I love the freebie chart - thank you. Many thanks for stopping by my blog too... hopefully I'll be posting a little more in future. :0)

Renee said...

How sweet! Thank you so much!!!