Thursday, February 23, 2012

Autumn Wishes Finished

With lots of houseworks and jobs last weeks, I don't even have the time to blog reading and my stitching has slowed right down but I got my new design done!

Autumn Wishes

I stitch whenever I have little spare time even though in a short amount of time. I had a lot of fun designing this one and it's fun to stitch too!

I received a Christmas parcel from Tatyana in January. Although it was a belated Christmas gifts but I was so thrilled to receive them. The items which she sent are really very beautiful and I like them very much. I would like to thank Tatyana for the gorgeous Star Ornament which is beautifully stitched by her, the finished is very nice and beautiful, Tatyana. I will treasure it!

And also thank you for the beautiful Christmas card with heartwarming notes, a very cute mini scissor with gorgeous scissor's fob, a very christmassy fabric, lovely flower bookmark cross stitch kit, useful eyelets and a Handmade Christmas Special Magazine with tons of awesome crafting ideas.

On December 2011, I sent a registered parcel with tracking number to my secret pen pal "Lizzy". The tracking shows "still in shipment" and it's been over a month. I had also checked on her blog but no news from her about the parcel; So I believe that she didn't get it. After two months, I received a returned parcel with the reason for unclaimed.

This is the unclaimed parcel which I sent to Lizzy. Wondering why she did not receive it. I registered the parcel under the name of "Lizzy" with correct address. I think the unclaimed reason is I did not register the parcel under her real name.

Many blogging friends and friends around me have asked if I will sell my cross stitch patterns. In fact, I do hope that I can have more time to get my charts ready and complete my selling blog. After 16 years of working in advertising and graphic design industry, I was so tired with my jobs since a year ago and I wanted to be a cross stitch designer. I have now completed part of my cross stitch designs into chart forms and I will announce my selling blog/website sooner or later.

Thanks for visiting and as always thank you for your comments. Have a great week and happy stitching. :)